£1 from each order will be donated to earthquake relief in turkey
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Image of a stone carving from the Hittie era; showing two male figures in a chariot holding a bow and arrow and being pulled by a horse with a dog running beside it. Ahead of a horse is a deer they seem to be hunting for. The stone carving also includes other patterns that appear to be hittie hieroglyphics.

Our name is inspired by Hattusa, the capital of the ancient Anatolian Hittite empire in the Bronze Age. Anatolia, also known as the motherland, has been the cradle of civilization for thousands of years. A crossroad for numerous peoples & trades has inspired an ever-changing culture of great empires that ruled East & West, spanning Europe, Africa & Asia. Our collections have been created & curated for the modern world while honoring Anatolia and its traditions.

Inspired by the history of Anatolia, we debut a handmade collection of earrings, rings, necklaces, and bracelets that revive designs and techniques of jewellery from Anatolia's lost cultures. Each modern heirloom epitomizes timelessness drawing influence from the journey of four-pillar eras in Anatolian history; the Hittite, Byzantine, Ottoman, and current Republic. Our pieces are unique designs hand-crafted by an artisan in Turkey.


In efforts to provide aid for the recent devastating earthquake in Turkey, Hattusas Bazaar will donate £1 from each order to AHBAP, a non-governmental organisation with a local voluntary network that is active in affected regions. For more information on the organisation and how to donate, click here.